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COVID-19 Prevention and Response

COVID-19 Preparedness AIT Global India is monitoring this evolving pandemic scenario round-the-clock and modulating its response to best serve its employees and clients. Our goal is to maintain continuity of operations across our offices, while also ensuring safety and well-being of our employees. We are working on various aspects and protocols around facility readiness, self-awareness[...]
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Cyber Security Best Practices For Small To Medium-Size Business

It’s down right ‘IGNORANT’ to think that because you have a small business, cyberattacks will seldom happen with your company and often this leads you in a situation where you end up paying substantial cost of ignorance for trivializing an important piece of your business. The “who will steal from us” Mindset is very common to see with small[...]
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How You Can Benefit From An Outsourced IT Provider

You want nothing less than the best for your business. That is why you have always fought to handle all of your IT projects in-house. However, the complexity, the cost, and the time taken away from your core competency has you at your wit’s end. It is time for a new solution. Consider working with[...]
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