How to Increase Employee Engagement During the Holidays

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How to Increase Employee Engagement During the Holidays

The Holiday season is just around the corner and with that it means there will be quite a lot of hustle-bustle surrounding our employees which could somehow hamper productivity. In fact, holidays are some of the busiest seasons for various companies. During this time, we need to make sure that an employee feels motivated to come to the office and work. The idea here is to take advantage of this moment and make their work-life exciting and full of energy.

We understand that the holiday season can be challenging because of the chilly weather, travel plans, family responsibilities and more. All of this might cause stress and worries in employees. Hence with our curated list of employee engagement activities and games, we are sure that it will create a motivating environment and keep their momentum high throughout the year.

Encourage Corporate Wellness Programs

A corporate wellness program is an initiative taken by a company to enhance the well-being of employees in the workplace. This program could be from 5 minutes to 15 minutes where it involves a mix of Yoga poses or Meditation for employees. It gives a break from their busy schedule and boosts their energy levels. Taking this comprehensive approach to employee health can really help them to rejuvenate and get motivated to work towards their targets in a better way.

Host A Festive Contest

The HR department can work together and come up with a festive contest in the workplace. They can host a contest like who wore the best attire, who has the best approach to a work project, who handles deadlines nicely, who is always proactive and more. If you want to make extra engaging, then you can involve a potluck lunch event or decorating contest which really would showcase the skills of employees outside their work tasks. This type of recognition would help to encourage employees into showing their sportsmanship. Employee engagement initiatives like these can help your employees to have that passion so that next time they can win this competition.

The Secret Santa Game With A Twist

We are pretty sure that everybody by now knows what Secret Santa is and as far as it is a perfect way to encourage employees to bond well with their colleagues, a random twist can be more interesting and a fun take. Instead of giving the gifts the traditional way where the HR pulls out the gift and gives it to the person, the twist would be to ask the employees to guess their “Secret Santa” which makes it even more interesting. To top it all, you can include an element of surprise, encouraging participants to write clues or riddles which helps to reveal the identity of their Secret Santa. This game spreads a beautiful message of connection and camaraderie among team members.

A Fun & Engaging Holiday Inspired Newsletter 

Newsletter tends to take you on a journey that showcases the interesting elements or reveals the latest developments in your company. But having a newsletter based on just for the Holiday Season can really spice up the employee experience and boost their morale. A newsletter can contain photos of the employees from last year’s Christmas party or recent events, showcasing all the employees. You can also mention Happy Holidays and thank them for the efforts taken for different projects. You can also have recommendations columns to binge on while they are on break which could be based on the recommendations provided by the employees of the company. If you want then you can also include accomplishments, events and targets achieved by the company during the year.

You can also create a google survey asking for what they would like to do this holiday season and what kind of activities they would like to have. This will make them creative and productive.

Final Note

Employees are like an asset to the organization. With their skills and power of knowledge, they help to take an organization to a new height. However, with the holiday season, there are circumstances where employees do need an extra push and motivation in their work. Hence, we have provided the best tips for employee engagement which are sure to promote engagement and boost productivity in the office.

This was about the Holiday Season, if you would like to read more on employee engagement tips and tricks then we also have some of the other blogs that are sure to help you drive productivity in the office. Programs like this are essential to boost morale and if your employee is energetic then that means the work will be extra effective and turn out to be extra perfect.