AI & Automation: How Are They Redefining The Way We Work & Creating New Opportunities?

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AI & Automation: How Are They Redefining The Way We Work & Creating New Opportunities?

As we live in a world with technology revolving at an electric speed, have you ever thought about how AI and automation will change the way we work? Just think, about how the advancements have come up, like if you need a cup of coffee or need to set up a meeting, you can simply order it through the food app or ask Alexa to take care of it. So, what impact do you think these latest technologies will have in our daily lives or work routines? Let’s talk about this in detail.

The rise of automation and artificial intelligence is the topic of the century! From Metaverse to ChatGPT, AI has become one of the most trending and controversial topics of debate. Statistics reveal that businesses that have implemented AI for work have performed 12% much better than businesses that use the same traditional techniques for all their work. 

Is Automation Impacting Our Lives? 

We agree that automation has impacted lives and if we investigate it, it has covered major industry areas like manufacturing, healthcare, IT, creative, advertising, and more. Automation has been happening since the times of the Industrial Revolution, and it is until now that it has seen a pace. Several jobs are being downsized, but there are also many new opportunities being created through automation for people. It will open areas to creativity and innovation rather than just manual work. Let’s have a look at some of the emerging AI and Automation ready to change the way we work.

What Is The Influence of AI and Automation On the Job Market

Before we dive into the current job market, we need to understand emerging technologies. The technologies that have the most potential to boom in the upcoming years are named the Essential Eight. They include:

Automation and artificial intelligence have the power to transform businesses from start to finish and will be an essential part of growth and upskilled work. Machines will aggregate the tedious tasks that take time and will promote better productive jobs for humans. As a result, several manual tasks like such will decrease leading to new opportunities in future designations. Companies like Google and Microsoft have started hiring positions for the below job roles and in future, it is stated that there will be companies that would be hiring for such specific roles. Some of the booming opportunities are as follows: 

Ability To Fuel The Business & Economic Growth

Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence are immensely used in areas of the IT industry to reduce manual tasks into more productive processes. It is already generating value for business products and services, whereby it uses AI to personalize orders, identify transactions, and more. Analysis done over multiple AI cases has shown to account for as much as $3.5 trillion to $5.8 trillion in annual value. Stakes are high, and if businesses start utilizing automation tools early, it is evident that they will benefit from them.

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Remote Work & Automation: What Is The Future? 

For enhancing the quality and efficiency of employees in their remote work, Tech behemoth Cisco has induced the usage of ai and automation. Microsoft has also planned to integrate Mesh into its meeting tools. It will provide a virtual experience where the employees will have the opportunity to interact without having to be physically present. Along with this, you also get to personalize your avatar which will create much better and more realistic conversations in meeting rooms. The future seems to be virtual where people can enjoy their professional and personal life, it will cut the cost of traveling and hours taken.

The Impact of AI On the Profession 

Thanks to ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence is one of the most controversial topics. Created by Microsoft OpenAI, Chatbot has some of the best features that have produced a wave amongst people where it has the potential to answer any type of question like a human being. It has also raised concerns regarding careers or whether it would impact the job of creative minds. While it has the potential, experts say it is not easy. However, many professional jobs can be replaced in the future and hence require upskilling. So, it is always better to upskill your profile for future progression.

In Brief: 

The rise of AI and Automation is transforming the modern business world and leading to new technologies. With AI completing manual jobs, you have the benefit of focusing more on the overall strategies, and decisions that will lead the business to growth.

In fact, emerging technologies are developing new opportunities and changing the way businesses operate by allowing an increase in flexibility and efficiency. This means you get to save time on travelling and utilize that into upgrading your skills. With hybrid and remote work rising, companies like Microsoft and Facebook have already come up with the concept of virtual meetings. With these advancements, there are chances of enhanced productivity and the creation of new roles that will impact older ones. As for the future of work, it’s evident that our working style will change rapidly, and technology will help the economy.


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