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Building A Highly Scalable Architecture In Cloud Computing

E-commerce Website on AWS AIT simplifies to have your WordPress / Woo-Commerce site on Amazon Web Services. We have a high level of scalability and adaptability making it ideal for websites with thousands of daily users. Our AWS digital commerce design has reduced application downtime and latency, resulting in faster page loads. You’re free to[...]
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Why are enterprises moving to the Cloud?

The Cloud has become the major and primary location where businesses store their data. Almost 90% of the businesses today have shifted their application to the cloud in form, and the remaining are planning to migrate soon. What motivates businesses to move to the cloud is the great level of flexibility, agility, opportunities for innovation,[...]
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AWS Cloud Migration & Security

Need: To move computing instances from On-Premise to Cloud Create, Maintain & Scale Unique SFTP Connections Manage & segregate Storage Physical Files along with archival policies for unique users Solution: On-Premise Computing Capacity migrated to AWS Cloud (EC2) Single Server for Multiple SFTP Users with segregated policies associated Store all Physical and SFTP’ed uploaded files[...]
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