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8 Tips to Motivate Employees

Motivating employees is very important for any organization as it delivers positive outcomes. Some think that money and benefits top the list of motivating factors, but the reality is different. Employees yield production and feel good about being encouraged and recognized. Employees are motivated when there is a work-life balance and when the boss is[...]
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7 Tips to Create The Best Hybrid Working Environment

Hybrid Working Environment
A well-executed hybrid workplace is a magnet that brings people together, helping them to work better than before. A hybrid work environment provides more flexibility to the employees to get the work done, considering their productivity. The employees can work remotely or from their office depending on the work necessity and requirement. They can also[...]
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The Most Important Leadership Principle – Slow Down

The most important leadership principle often forgotten by many leaders and least considered is Slow Down. As a leader, one must pause and see things from a different point of view. Look upon your reaction. Instead of overthinking what other leaders would do in a certain situation, solve an underlying root cause by creating your[...]
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AWS GLUE simplifying Data Processing

What is Data Processing and Integration? When multiple tasks like discovering, extracting, enriching, cleaning, normalizing, and combining data into databases are put together, one can term it as “Data Integration”. Where does this Data go? The integrated data is loaded and organized in databases, data warehouses, and data lakes after processing. Why we’re talking about[...]
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Why Choose Us as Application Development and Maintenance Services?

Making business identity and creating healthy customer relationships is essential for success. And at AIT Global, we know these realities well, and therefore, we offer application development services with support at every phase of the Application Development and Maintenance. Being one of the top app development and maintenance services provider companies, we provide end-to-end business[...]
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How to Develop Machine Learning Applications for Business

Today, most businesses rely on machine learning applications to realize new revenue streams, predict market trends, analyze customer behavior and price fluctuation, and make accurate business decisions. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence technology and helps make sense out of historical data and helps in decision making. It is a technique set to[...]
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Implementing DevOps with Agile Principles

Over the years, application development and deployment have become an increasingly critical part of business operations making various entities seek ways to optimize their product development process. Companies are increasingly shifting to the DevOps culture and the momentum of its popularity continues to increase each year.  DevOps is a set of principles that Development and[...]
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Cloud Migration Challenges: What You Need to Know

Businesses today thrive in a turbulent phase, exploiting every opportunity that buoys their profit margin. Organizations swarm to the cloud to stay nimble, cut costs, and ensure the future thrive, as technology penetrates every part of a consumer’s life. According to Gartner, over 30% of new software investments of technology providers will shift to cloud-only.[...]
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How to adopt work from home during pandemic?

Since the pandemic hit in 2019, navigating through it has yielded several challenges in every aspect of everyday life. Companies have had to suddenly shift to a full remote work model as according to the International Labour Organization (ILO), 68% of the global workforce resides in countries with recommended or required Work From Home (WFH)[...]
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RPA in General

Automation – Automatic, this word must be fascinating many of us. And it reminds us of those childhood comic stories where hero can do anything – almost anything automatically with extra power and win over the enemy, it’s like a miracle.    Well, ‘The Automation’ has made the miracle a reality now for all. Let’s understand[...]
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