Performance testing approach to satisfy business needs

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Performance testing approach to satisfy business needs


Our Customer is an Internet marketing company exclusively for the travel industry providing online hospitality marketing and consulting service for worldwide hotels, resorts and travel clients.

Scalability: Platform must be able to support a very high number of concurrent users.

Efficiency: Customer expectation includes the highly efficient application with minimal page loading time.

Reliability: Platform must scale rapidly to meet the business goals of attracting a larger user base and supporting multiple formats

Fail Over: Application should be able to behave functionally correct under high load and should have the Fail Over control system in place


  • AIT strategically provided the solution for Performance testing on HTTP and HTTPS protocols, Performance Tests on UI and AJAX components.
  • Identify Performance bottlenecks and suggest measures to overcome Performance tests based on number concurrent users
  • Monitoring the server parameters like CPU usage, threads count, connections etc.
    Profiling the application through Dot Trace and SQL profiler


  • Response time for actions covered under test.


  • Server stats analysis and identifying bottlenecks due to resource usage of Kapow which is running on the same web server.
  • Suggestion for the optimum threads count based on the testing outcome or execution
  • Capturing the time consumed by Stored Procs and identifying need to optimize them.


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