Migrating Legacy Workflow To Cloud Based Analytical Platform

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Migrating Legacy Workflow To Cloud Based Analytical Platform

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We at AIT have significant expertise with data analytics, and are one the top most promising Data Analytics Companies in India by CIOReview India, so it’s perfect for customers that have adopted Palantir Foundry, Tableau, or Power BI for their business needs.

Our brilliant team has an extensive experience in creating, building, and managing Data Analytics solutions, allowing our customers to avail complete benefits and fully exploit their analytics platform’s capabilities while also allowing them to make crucial decisions based on the most accurate data available.

The Challenge

In the decision-making process, our customer was facing strenuous issues with legacy systems. Client was facing the below challenges.

  1. Client was facing the below challenges.
  2. Delay in access data from Legacy system
  3. Maintaining multiple systems
  4. Challenges with training teams across multiple platforms
  5. Excess time consumption in generating reports manually
  6. Difficulties in decision making for crucial business solutions

Manufacturing Business
Operations, sales, corporate
Faster data access, better decision making, responsive UI, close to real time analytics
Palantir Foundry
Year of Deployment

The Solution

AIT Team keenly assisted the client not only in migrating the workflow to the cloud, but also in designing and developing data pipelines, automating data pipeline monitoring, migrating on-prem legacy applications to new and scalable Foundry apps, lowering AWS costs, and training business users on Contour and other Foundry applications. We provided ardent assistance to our customer with the implementation of the Foundry solution in areas such as after-sales, operations, and corporate.

  • Our team devised an innovative method for bringing data from source systems into Palantir in order to get accurate data into Foundry with slight delays. Once the data was in Palantir, the team started building a data pipeline with the help of the code repository. We ensured that the accurate data was entered into Ontology, which was then used by the Slate app.
  • An evident factor was that our team completed this task in record time, and the users started receiving messages.
  • Raw data from the source was entered into Foundry.
  • The data pipeline was used to clean data from the source.
  • Using Foundry’s Slate and Phonograph APIs, the team created an interactive application that was simple to use.
  • The data generated by the application was then used for reporting purposes.



  • With a legacy system our business transformed the turnaround time of one long day and brought it down to just a few minutes
  • Our customer is now able to take key business decisions without using multiple systems
  • Dependency on legacy systems and technologies were brought down
  • Down time in migrating data from legacy systems to Palantir was brought down by our solutions
  • Automated pipeline monitoring solution helped our business to get accurate data in time
  • Client business is benefited with an organization’s live reporting and sophisticated analytical capabilities
  • Everyone, from engineers to non-technical SMEs, are now working with the data User-friendly interfaces for big data
  • All data transformations, connections, and metadata are tracked and visualized