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DMS Testing

Our esteemed client’s need:

  • DMS is a content management system that helps in automating the publishing of complex documents by processing information in small and reusable components.
  • Analyze the application and its core functionalities so that bucketing of data can be done with respect to the categories, modules, and attributions. This activity is to be done to showcase and prove domain and technical expertise.
  • Automation testing of functionalities to ensure rapid execution along with the surety of performance for the key modules and functionalities.
  • Accurate integration testing with the collaboration of the system with end-users of the system.
  • To get deliverables on time create sprint plans to have executions on time.

What was the solution?

  • As per technical requirements prepare test plans along with test cases by use of an application such as Testlink
  • Test scripts automated with an open-source tool such as selenium that elevated the growth of end to end tests execution along with detailed reports.
  • Additionally, we introduced the Jmeter performance testing tool to verify the “behavior” of the product under both normal and anticipated peak load conditions.
  • Moreover, for ease of managing defects, JIRA was introduced for reporting and documentation of quality issues found during execution.
  • Extended hand by supporting production deployment of the applications and perform validation testing during the off-hours maintenance windows.

How was the client profited?

  • Through rigorous end to end testing done by the QA team delivered an extensive evaluation of the code and improved the quality of the application.
  • Almost 85% of the modules of applications were successfully automated that hoisted the efficiency of the application.
  • On the other hand, testing timelines were reduced by 40% because automation testing was incorporated.
  • 100% reduction over redeployments and cancellation of deployments due to User Acceptance Testing errors. Numerous delivery and deployment of Releases with 0% defect result in Production.
  • Comprisal of automation and manual testing with existed functionalities along with the new enhancements resulted in the reporting and documentation of a greater number of bugs and defects.
  • Regression testing scripts also aided to verify the fixed bugs and thus also detect any kind of newly introduced bugs on every new release and enrichment of functionalities.