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The client required an enterprise level automation testing solution for a web-based Content Management & publishing application. To provide rapid and continuous support to the upgrading application. 


  • Create a comprehensive, maintainable and enterprise level Automation Solution for web-based Content Management System.
  • Improve product quality by automating all backlog/ regression test cases. Integrate with Jenkins for supporting CI.
  • Script Execution should have support for browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome & also different Operating Systems.
  • Test automation should have covered all major and critical functionalities like creation of Fund, Business Document, Components, status transformation and proofing etc.
  • Provide a precise and informative emailable test reports and log files.



  • Based on the client requirements we gathered test scenarios, shortlisted the suitable automation scenarios and created test scripts.
  • Proposed open source Tools like; Test Link for test management, Selenium (Webdriver) for UI test automation and JAVA.
  • Jenkins for Continuous integration, Git for code management and version controlling system.
  • SONAR/PMD for Code violations, Redmine for Task tracking.
  • Use of Frameworks like TestNG, Maven & Data-Driven including design technique as Page Object Model (POM).
  • Proposed technologies for precise and informative test reports like HTML, XSLT, 3D pi-chart reports and for logs log4J.



  • End to end testing was carried out repeatedly, delivering faster results with lesser effort and time including bugs identification at a very early stage.
  • Achieved 100% test automation coverage for cross-browser compatibility.
  • Contributions to a higher quality of work, thereby decreasing the necessity for fixing glitches after release and reduce project costs.
  • Successfully managed parallel execution on same or multiple machines to complete the executions simultaneously in crunch time.
  • Test suite covering mostly all regression scenarios and additional cases can be easily added to the same suite.
  • Automation greatly helped to reduce the time-to-market of the application by allowing constant execution of test scripts.




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