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Content management and Manual rendering testing solutions

The client is a content management and financial publication organization that renders documents detailing the performances and information of various Funds in multiple output types for the customers and legal purposes. 


  • Maintain all output types especially clean PDF as per style guide with details provided for spacing, inline styles, row styles, tables types, and colors.
  • Verifying other output types like HTML and WORD
  • Hands-on different types of testing
  • Server upgrade testing
  • ADA testing
  • XBRL output type testing (Legal purposes)
  • Migration testing
  • Blackline & R-Tag
  • Upload rendering testing
  • Chart testing
  • Provide precise and informative Testing and Bug reports.


  • Based on the client requirements we gathered most of all test scenarios and created test cases accordingly.
  • Used Tools like Adobe Acrobat Pro (licensed) for measurement testing, output preview to verify colors, font, font size, and ADA testing.
  • Provided Automation Solution for Migration Testing and document creation.
  • Jira Test management tool and Confluence for reporting and managing bugs.
  • Confluence site is used to maintain generic test cases, test scenarios and new enhancement reports in order to save time for future releases.



  • End to end testing was carried out for the user to get unambiguous document proofs.
  • The client gets absolute business document proofs as per requirement in the form of webproof, print proof, Edgar, Rtag blackline, word, CPO and XBRL.
  • Automation solution for document creation and Migration testing reduced the workload by more than 80%.
  • 100% flawless and definite documents get after server up-gradation or migration from one tech to another technology.
  • Improved product and code quality by measurement and detail testing.




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