Building A Highly Scalable Architecture In Cloud Computing

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Building A Highly Scalable Architecture In Cloud Computing

E-commerce Website on AWS

AIT simplifies to have your WordPress / Woo-Commerce site on Amazon Web Services. We have a high level of scalability and adaptability making it ideal for websites with thousands of daily users. Our AWS digital commerce design has reduced application downtime and latency, resulting in faster page loads. You’re free to use any server setup you choose based on your requirements.

Scalable Infrastructure System Uptime User Experience

The Challenge

Our client, an ecommerce beauty provider, was experiencing issues with its ecommerce site, including downtime, which results in a loss of revenue and clients, as well as a number of other issues listed below.

AIT assisted the client in becoming data-driven by implementing a B2C solution that improved performance, reliability, scalability, security, ease of migration, pay-per-use price strategy, stable and secure infrastructure, control sources, and efficiency. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and packaged software as a service (SaaS) were all offered as part of the solution.

  1. Due to the amount of CPU calculations and included files required to build a page, our client was experiencing issues with slow loading times and excessive memory consumption with exiting set up, which has a rather significant memory footprint.
  2. The client was in a difficult situation. There were concerns with downtime, which resulted in a loss of revenue and customers.
  3. Integration issues with other technologies such as performance measurement, email marketing, social media management, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  4. Adding extra servers won’t solve the problem of processing enormous levels of traffic.
  5. Data loss poses a security risk.
  6. When the bandwidth of a website is increased, it becomes slower.

The Customer
Our customer is a global leader in the B2C industry. It has over 100 stores in India, making it a pioneer in the business. It has a one-of–a–kind collection of great products that comprises over 10,000 of the most sought–after brands.



Business Functions

Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Corporate


Scalable Infrastructure, System Uptime, Payment Gateway, Customer login, Store Finder, Shopping Cart, Live Chat, Pricing information with potential sales or discounts, Consumer Reviews, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Store Management, SEO


AWS, WordPress, MySQL, Web Hosting

Year of Deployment


The Solution
AIT has provided a cloud computing solution; our architect was responsible for converting a project’s technical requirements into architecture and design components. We bridge the gap between complex business problems and cloud-based solutions. Our DevOps engineers and developers having robust background in cloud computing, excel working with an operating system, expertise in networking concepts, a high-level understanding of basic security concepts to ensure the product development uses the right technologies. We have understanding of how to develop and deploy secure and reliable applications using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our technical solutions are detailed below.

  1. A two-Availability Zone architecture with excellent availability.
  2. An AWS best-practices-compliant virtual private cloud (VPC) with public and private subnets. This is where your deployment’s network infrastructure is provided.
  3. An internet gateway that allows users to connect to the internet. The bastion hosts utilize this gateway to deliver and receive traffic.
  4. Linux bastion hosts in an Auto Scaling group in the public subnets.
  5. Distribute HTTP and HTTPS queries across many WordPress instances using elastic load balancing.

Cloud computing technology and online data storage for business network concept. Computer connects to internet server service for cloud data transfer presented in 3D futuristic graphic interface.

Cloud computing technology and online data storage for business network concept. Computer connects to internet server service for cloud data transfer presented in 3D futuristic graphic interface.


After building highly scalable architecture in Cloud Computing, client got below benefits.

  • With high scalable architecture in cloud computing, client website is now able to meet increased work loads. In other words, if the work load all of a sudden exceeds the capacity of your existing software + hardware combination, you can scale up the system (software + hardware) to meet the increased work load.
  • Site is benefited with high-scalability allows to optimize the overall efficiency of the system and get cost-savings.
  • Site handles high levels of traffic for a short period of time.
  • It is protected under attack from DDoS or Bots.
  • With Caching and CDN services, website has become more efficient. Boost site speed and performance by reducing server load. Reduced Network Latency It’s a good idea to enable advanced website security.
  • Installing updates and new apps on their server becomes easier.
  • High availability, scalability, and elasticity are all advantages, as are data backup and the ability to store an unlimited amount of data, good accessibility, enhanced collaboration, low-cost maintenance, and mobility.